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VICTRIX SPORTING SYSTEMS We are keeping up the state-of- the-art technology, we strongly believe in innovation, we have been studying new solutions to apply to the components of our firearms since the very first day. And that’s how our Sporting series is born, our contribution to the sport field. We create our systems with an Anima®, to become reliable partners for the best shooters. We design accurate rifles to place in the hands of sport shooters aiming for successes. Choose among our Victrix Sporting systems, welcome to the line of fire.
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Target T

Base rifle Lothar Walther lapped barrel in AISI 420 with stainless steel finishing, muzzle at 1?ǥ Laminate wood stock Anima?
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THE FIRST, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL. Being a forerunner means having a main advantage: time. Our Victrix Target boasts victories in F-Class FTR national...
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